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Frequently ask questions

1. How to go about renting a car?

-to rent a car from us you must produce your driving license, passport and credit card. Additional drivers must produce their driving license and passport. It is not possible to rent a car without presenting these documents.

Our staff can tell you about existing offers and will take care of rental contract.

You will receive a copy of the contract with the keys of the car.

Our staff will answer any doubts when you collect the car. Any defects will be resolved in the same way.

To avoid any later problems, please carefully check the car for any defects or irregularities. If any are found inform our staff immediately. Autos Tanit cannot be responsible for any defects not printed out on collection of the car.

2. What documents do you need to rent a car?

Passport (for also additional drivers)

Driving license

Credit Car

3. Can you consult process and make a reservation by phone, fax or e-mail?

Yes. Reservations can only be made at our web page. Insure that you write your e-mail address correctly.

4. How do you pay?

You can pay in cash or with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard)

5. What happens in case of an accident?

Our cars are supplied en perfect condition. But if u have any problem with your vehicle, you can contact our help line by telephone who will solve your problem in the shortest and best possible way.

6. Can you collect your car at the airport?

Yes, by previous arrangement you can collect your car at the airport.

7. What is the minimum age to rent a car?

To rent a car, you must be 24 years old, with 3 years of experience.

8. Is there extra charge for additional drivers?

No. Up to 3 authorised additional drivers are allowed.

9. Does the insurance cover lost keys or objects Stolen from the vehicle?

No. Loss of keys are the responsibility of the client.

10. Where and how do you return the car?

Come to our offices and bring the keys and paperwork. Our staff will attend to the details.